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BBQ Grill Covers

BBQ Grill Covers protect the value of your grill.

BBQ Grill Covers – Extend The Life Of Your Grill

Heavy Duty BBQ grill covers, made of durable vinyl or another weather resistant material, are extremely useful, if not essential, accessories for pretty much anyone who owns an outdoor or patio BBQ grill.  Even in temperate climates, the elements will take their toll on any outdoor barbecue.  Even stainless steel models are not immune to degradation from moisture, cold, heat and wind.  BBQ grill covers which are well-fabricated to resist cracking from intense cold or damage from the sun provide protection for those conditions and help keep your grill clean and in optimal functioning condition for much longer than those grills left uncovered.  Whichever outdoor barbecue grill you own, whether it’s a Weber grill, DCS grill, Fire Magic, Brinkman, Ducane or another high quality brand, there are OEM and after market bbq grill covers available in the correct size and configuration to fit securely over your grill.  Shopping online rather than at Lowe’s or one of the other big box home improvement stores assures that you’ll have a wide selection and the best prices.

Measuring To Find The Right Size Among The Many BBQ Grill Covers

When shopping for BBQ grill covers, probably the most important thing to determine is the correct size.  If you have what is probably the most common, modern barbecue, gas grill or electric grill configuration, grill on cart with two side shelves (pictured below), you must measure for the BBQ cover from side to side, front to back and from the ground to the top of the closed grill lid.  These three measurements (length, depth/width, height) give you the basis of the correct size for a proper fitting rectangular grill cover.  Since a cover that is too snug will be a hassle to put on and take off, and might even tear or damage parts of your grill, it’s always better to purchase a cover that measures a few, or even several, inches larger than the dimensions of your grill.  Regarding the height measurement, remember that if you buy a cover that is too big, the cover may drag on the ground.  This can be a problem, especially for grills that reside outdoors rather than in a garage or shed.  Standard grill covers like these can also be used to cover a large BBQ island.  Just measure the depth and length of the entire top surface in addition to the height from ground to the top of the closed lid.  You will easily be able to find the appropriate tall medium or short cover.

bbq grill covers

If your grill has no side shelves, common with many charcoal grills, smokers and almost all kettle grills (pictured below), there are BBQ grill covers designed for your need.

When measuring, use the same guidelines:  length, depth, height.  Since there are round covers made to cover round grills (which work equally well as a round smoker cover), you’ll only need to measure the distance across the top of the cover at the very center to get the proper diameter measurement (for round grills and smokers, you’ll only need height and diameter).  If your grill or smoker is square, just measure the same as you would for the standard type grill.  And, again, look for a cover that’s a little larger than your measurement except with regard to height to keep the cover off the ground.

For those with built in gas grills (pictured below) or other built in barbeque grills that are part of an outdoor kitchen, the height measurement is determined by measuring from the top of the closed cover to the top of the surface the drop-in grill fits in.  Controls are usually in the front of the grill and sit below the level of the table top.  Drop-in grill covers will normally have a flap that accounts for this configuration and covers the controls.

Grill Cover Safety

Even though most BBQ grill covers are flame retardant, never cover a hot grill.  You can severely damage your cover by covering the grill too soon after use.  Make sure the grill has cooled sufficiently, which means that you can safely touch the outside of the grill near the source of the heat.  Don’t gamble.  If you cannot comfortably place your palm there and not have to remove it, you cannot safely put the cover on.  Waiting extra time is safer for both your grill cover and your hand.

BBQ Grill Covers For Sale

You can find more information and an incredible selection of classic BBQ Grill Covers at great savings along with customer ratings here, so shop and compare.

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