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American Outdoor Grill

American Outdoor Grill - Quality comparable to Fire Magic at half the price.

American Outdoor Grill – Quality Gas Grills

Manufactured by R.H. Peterson Company, the makers of Fire Magic Grills, the American Outdoor Grill line is an excellent quality alternative to the higher priced Fire Magic bbq line.  Available in both portable models that use either propane or natural gas and built in grill models for outdoor kitchens, the American Outdoor Grills product line comes in three different widths.  The 24 inch American Outdoor Grill has a 432 square inch cooking surface.  The 30 inch has a 540 square inch cooking surface.  And the 36 inch American Outdoor Grill has a full 648 square inches of cooking surface.  These stainless steel grills, equipped with ultra durable stainless burners, will continue to look great and provide years of reliable and enjoyable grilling use.

Fire Magic Vs. American Outdoor Grill

For those who’ve wanted the luxury of owning what is perhaps the premier natural gas grill, Fire Magic, without paying an arm and a leg, an American Outdoor Grill provides nearly the same benefits at a substantially lower price point.  An at-a-glance comparison between the 24 inch natural gas pedestal grill and the Fire Magic Aurora A430 Natural Gas Pedestal Grill shows the two to be functionally, if not exactly, identical.  Both are high grade stainless steel and made by the same manufacturer, R.H. Peterson.  Both have same amount of grill top cooking space.  Both have an electronic ignition system.  Both have an advanced thermometer design (to be fair, the Fire Magic thermometer is more advanced; it’s digital with a meat probe).  The biggest difference between the two is that the Fire Magic Grill sells for almost double the price of the American Outdoor Grill.  If money is no object, Fire Magic is technically a bit better.  But does the significant extra cost really justify the minor extra value?  Compare and decide for yourself.

American Outdoor Grill Portable Grills

The American Outdoor Grill 36 Inch Natural Gas Grill On Cart W/ Rotisserie & Side Burner is the top of the line American Outdoor Grill.

american outdoor grill

The 36″ portable cart grill by American Outdoor Grill features three burners made of 18 gauge stainless steel.  The exterior is made of high-quality 304 grade stainless steel for durability and beauty.  The lid is double walled.  The high-quality burners produce 48,000 BTUs of heat, making them excellent for searing food.  There is also a rear burner that produces 10,000 BTUs for warming and a 12,000 BTU side burner on which to heat a pan, that includes a stainless cover for extra shelf space when not in use.  The rotisserie (included) has a stainless motor with a capacity to hold and rotate 12 pounds or more. The 648 square inch grill is 36″ x 18″.  And the rear warming rack provides an additional 36″ x 5″ of space.  At 63″ wide x 23″ deep and 48″ high overall, this grill is substantial enough to cook up a large volume of food without being overly bulky and hard to store.  Other features like an advanced thermometer, an electric igniter and removable grease catching tray make the 36″ portable cart grill by American Outdoor Grill a great deal at around $2,615.

If you’re looking for the same features in a smaller package, you can get the American Outdoor Grill 30 Inch Natural Gas Grill On Cart W/ Rotisserie & Side Burner.

AOG 30″ cart grill sells here for around $2,445.

Then there is the American Outdoor Grill 24 Inch Natural Gas Grill W/ Rotisserie & Side Burner On Cart.

The 24″ version of this full-featured natural gas grill sells here for around $1,988.

You can find an American Outdoor Grill in the sizes above without features such as rotisserie or side burners for a little less money.  Also, these models are available as built in gas grills.  Check out the entire built-in and portable American Outdoor Grill line.

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